"This is hands down the best workshop you can take for yourself."  
- Aria Leighty, owner of Art Ala Carte


"Earlier this year I learned about The Love You More Project’s Mentorship program. I have always struggled with low self-worth and low confidence. This seemed like it would really help me. Granted it took me forever to commit to it, because taking time for myself and not my family or business felt selfish. But if I don’t take care of me, then I can’t be my best for my family or my clients. So I decided to go for it.

Let me tell you I’m so beyond thrilled I hopped off the fence and dove right in. Yes it took me a little bit to open up, if felt awkward and uncomfortable to talk about myself. But Selena was super patient and followed my lead, she gently pushed to help me, and I’m so happy she did. After six weeks together and some intimate discussions I’m in a much better place, and I actually like me.

The VIP day was amazing and I highly recommend it to round it all out. It was the icing on the cake. I’ve never felt this confident about myself, and it’s only made me a stronger person, and that will trickle down to my family and my business. So do yourself a favor and signup with Selena’s mentorship program." -- Megan Wise


"This workshop was very effective and possibly life changing. Anyone that spends the majority of their time dedicated to other people - which, let's face it, is most of us - can benefit from the time spent in this workshop to remind you about your own lovely self a little more." - Abbi Wood


"The Love YOU More workshop was fantastic. Not only was the content great, the delivery was awesome. Selena is a wonderful facilitator. You can tell she really loves this work, and walks the talk. It was a perfect combination of material presented, self-reflection, sharing, and art creation.The biggest benefit for me was seeing a recurring theme that showed up in all the activities. It made me realize that to love myself more, I would need to be consistent in my self-care and spirituality. Since the workshop, I've been practicing that, and the results have been incredible. It's helping my life flow more smoothly. I highly recommend you attend at least once!" 
-Vanessa Smith, Life Coach & Intuitive, www.dowhatfeedsyou.com


“Selena has wonderful energy and responds so well to the needs of the group. By sharing her own transformational experiences, so inspires transformation in others. Selena helped me understand how vital dance is in my life. It has me thinking about my future and how I will love myself more.” - Amanda Carey


"I have just completed the new mentorship program with Selena. I wasn't fully sure what to expect upon signing up, but the deep rooted feelings that come up is crazy intense. Most of the deep stuff came out after midnight when I could focus without distractions. We laugh, we cry, we explore how we feel about things and group sessions may not be for everyone, but I liked it because it made me realize I am not alone. Others struggle with deep rooted emotional baggage that is probably holding them back in life too. So if you think you may be struggling with old baggage, check out The Love You More Project mentorship program. You won't regret it! :-)" - Emily Henke


“It is a part of everyone’s journey. Everyone should do this workshop.” 
- Abbi Wood


"Over the past year I had decided that I'm not worthy. I haven't made myself a priority, I haven't believed in myself, I haven't loved ME more.
I've been struggling to find work after leaving a position and field I was actually quite the rock star in. I ended up having an interview with a really prestigious NW company this week, right after I attended the workshop. As I sat down, I said to myself what has become my personal mantra. I am worthy, I am worth it, I am capable. 
Today, I was offered that job. I've been on this journey of fixing what felt broken inside for a few months now before I stumbled across Selena's page. This workshop just really opened me up to be able verbalize all I've been feeling. I can't wait to do more of the hard work that is needed and I know with her help, I'll find my true self again." - Kelsey Sheets-Dugle


"Selena's last workshop at the Moxie studio was amazing; her generous spirit in action brought joy, clarity, focus and love to me as a participant. Her authentic story of self-care needs to be shared with every mom and business woman! I highly recommend her work and play in creating a Manifesto!" - Delaram