Life Coaching

Mind Management

The reality is none of us go through life without challenges.

And when life gets hard, it can be very difficult to solve the problem on your own.
Because you are too close to it to see all perspectives. 

However, I can teach you how to untangle the web that is your overwhelmed brain.
I teach you how to see and understand your mind. Every problem we have is only a problem because of the way we think about it.

I know, you are already arguing that statement away.
"How can that be?"

I get it. I said the same thing.

It's still not a quick fix. You have so much pre-programming that has been downloaded into your YOU blueprint from a young age. Your mind has preconceived ideas of how things should be and what that picture of life (or lack of) means about who you are.

The work I do is ridiculously effective. With practice and guidance, you will start to take out the drama and just see the facts. THIS will be a game changer.

To give you a quick idea of what a managed mind looks like, here is the equation that I work with:

External stimulus (circumstance) —->
Thoughts ---> Feelings ---> Actions —> Results

Within this framework, we also do the work of understanding:

  • Who you are at your core

  • Your non-negotiables

  • What triggers are keeping you stagnant and unrecognizable to yourself

  • How to love yourself, just as you are

Working together, you will start to change the way you think and you will move forward in your life and in business!

My clients understand that they have the superpower of choice.

They kick ass with confidence.
They build and lead businesses.
They rock motherhood.
They don’t waste energy on what other people think.
They create boundaries.
They put their needs first.
They love themselves without apology.
And they inspire other women to do the same.

What coaching looks like:

  • 6-month or 12-month package

  • 45-60 minute sessions via Zoom video conferencing

  • Audio recording of sessions

  • Self-Discovery to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

I have been helping women overcome their self-doubt and fears for 20 years. I combine my background in Psychology, biology, fitness and nutrition with new coaching techniques to guide you through a process that is tailored for your specific goals and desires. You are in good hands...however, there is something I need to make VERY clear:

I am your coach.
I listen.
I guide.
I give you the tools to create change in your life.

YOU do the work.

If you are not ready to do the work,
If you are not ready to look at a new perspective,
If you are not open to thinking differently, we will not be a good fit.

If you are ready, let's get to know each other.

Elyse Winter.jpg

"I recently completed the Master YOUR Mind coaching sessions with Selena. I can't even begin to describe how the results changed both my Real Estate & Mary Kay business. I closed 5 real estate transactions in 5 weeks (all new during my session with Selena). Had 3 consistent months of sales in my Mary Kay business. My personal life has flourished beyond my imagination. If you are looking for a change in your business and life, I HIGHLY recommend her."

- Elyse Winter, Summa Realty Group + Mary Kay, Portland


"I honestly didn't know what to expect from having a self discovery session with Selena Maesta. It was so awesome though! Her genuine personality and sincere care for what I had to say really made it easy to open up to her. She not only helped me get to the core of what issues keep me from unlocking my full potential but have me a plan that's actually doable to help work through it. All in just one 90 minute session!"

- Emily Bellew, Azure and Pine Photography -Hillsboro


Emily Henke.jpg

"I have just completed the new mentorship (coaching) program with Selena. I wasn't fully sure what to expect upon signing up, but the deep rooted feelings that come up is crazy intense. Most of the deep stuff came out after midnight when I could focus without distractions. We laugh, we cry, we explore how we feel about things and group sessions may not be for everyone, but I liked it because it made me realize I am not alone. Others struggle with deep rooted emotional baggage that is probably holding them back in life too. So if you think you may be struggling with old baggage, check out The Love You More Project mentorship (coaching) program. You won't regret it!"

- Emily Henke, Vancouver



"Earlier this year I learned about The Love You More Project’s Mentorship (coaching) program. I have always struggled with low self-worth and low confidence.

This seemed like it would really help me. Granted it took me forever to commit to it, because taking time for myself and not my family or business felt selfish. But if I don’t take care of me, then I can’t be my best for my family or my clients. So I decided to go for it.


Let me tell you I’m so beyond thrilled I hopped off the fence and dove right in.

Yes it took me a little bit to open up, if felt awkward and uncomfortable to talk about myself. But Selena was super patient and followed my lead, she gently pushed to help me, and I’m so happy she did. After six weeks together and some intimate discussions I’m in a much better place, and I actually like me.

The VIP day was amazing and I highly recommend it to round it all out. It was the icing on the cake. I’ve never felt this confident about myself, and it’s only made me a stronger person, and that will trickle down to my family and my business.

So do yourself a favor and signup with Selena’s mentorship (coaching) program."

-Megan Wise, Uniquely Wise Photography - Portland