Have you ever considered yourself to be your greatest love?

This YOU that carries on through life. This vessel that houses your eternal spirit. The essence of YOU that loves, and laughs, and works at creating your life moment by moment.

She is just a child, learning.  

We easily get frustrated with her for bad decisions, mistakes, and tantrums. Only because we want the best for her. We want her to succeed. We want her to be true to her gift and her heart.

However, out of fear, we rarely nurture and support her in a way that helps the achievement of her potential. Instead, we shut her down. Tell her she’s not good enough and that her dreams don’t matter.

That little girl inside is just trying to survive. But she stays small in this scary world where she feels unimportant.

She just wants your love.

Give her some grace. Acknowledge her heart. Allow her to have a voice and guide her with your adult wisdom.

She wants to grow up and be brave.

She wants to trust and believe.

She wants your love and your blessing.

Take her hand, listen to her words, and grow your love together.

She is your greatest love. She is you.