Are you a busy women who works and has a ton of family obligations?

Are you constantly searching for a magical way to strike the elusive work-life balance?

Well, my friends, I have some unsettling news: 

It doesn't exist.

Work/life balance is a myth.

The end.

Okay, not really.

But seriously, there is no way that we can strike balance between all that we do on a daily basis.

I would REALLY love "balance" to be a thing, but it's not.

In my opinion, it's more like juggling.

For example, if you are a parent trying to run a business, there are always multiple things that will seem most important.

Nothing is ever balanced. It just isn't.

You might have a program that is launching -- IMPORTANT.

A kid that's crying - IMPORTANT.

Rent that's due - IMPORTANT.

You have balls in the air, constantly. Juggling them.

Each day bringing a barrage of IMPORTANT things to juggle. Their priority status shifting moment to moment.

The key is, one of those balls, needs to be YOU.

Consider this:

YOU are the greatest asset to your business and your family.

Not your computer, not your VA. 


Without YOU, the business falls apart; your family falls apart.

If one of those balls in the air is YOU -- meaning, you deem yourself IMPORTANT -- the juggling will get a little bit easier and maybe someday, that elusive "balance" just might become a thing.

Ladies, take are of YOU. 

YOU are worth it.

Love YOU More.


This is clearly, my very personal opinion on this topic of "balance." I'd love to hear how you feel about work-life balance. Please comment below, or join us over at the Love YOU More Project Facebook Group and share your thoughts to the group!