Energy down. Excitement sputtering. Fear creeping in.


Rational thought processes exhibited.

Dreams beaten. In fact, "dragged behind horses for the last 15 years."

Wondering. Questioning. Examining.


Enter unicorns and rainbows.


Passion pouring like champagne.

Vibration so high it cannot be contained.

Fear shut out. Brightness and brilliance reign.

Dreams becoming reality.


Different sides of the field.


Looking at each other.

Wondering. Questioning. Examining.

Feeling. Breathing. Believing.


Come closer or look away.


Let dreams die or shelve them - dusty, buried, but not lost.

Drag them around in your back pocket.

Tucked away, ready to be unleashed at the smallest opportunity.

Tarnished, but not dull.

Secretly glimmering.


Wisdom or depression.


There are no GUARANTEES.

There are NO guarantees.

There will be good.

There will be bad.

Which do you choose to believe?


Coexist. Co-create.


Equal. Opposite.


Yin and Yang.

Dark and light.

Temporary. Permanence.

Bodies intermingle.

Souls entangle.

Ideas intertwine.

Tighter and tighter.


Somewhere in between.


Hand to hand.

Face to face.

Heart to heart.

Wondering. Believing.