Challenge your comfort zone. Face your fear.

What’s the WORST that can happen? 

They think I'm silly, irresponsible, and weird.
Who cares! What they think doesn’t define you.

I made a mistake and fell flat on my face.
Who hasn’t? Get back up and move on.

I'm afraid of the unknown.
You can't stop the future from arriving! All your desires could be on the other side of your fear.

Here’s the thing, staying in your super snuggly, predictable world is not helpful to you. Even if you have decorated the walls with your favorite memories, some beautiful gold touches, maybe even roses, it’s still confining you.

You can only rearrange the furniture so many times before you will want a different view.

What would life be without new experiences, self-discovery, and growth of the person you are?


If boring is comfort, it’s okay, you can stay there if you like. 

OR, you can use your superpower to fight the fear.

Your Superpower of choice.

You can choose to live differently.
You can choose to accept the challenge of facing the unknown. 
You can choose to lean into the discomfort and survive anyway.

You can choose a different view.

Choose YOU. 

What small action can you take to choose YOU today? I'd love to hear about it in the comments.



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