Stars and my heart.png

Don’t you wish you had the answer?

To ALL the questions.


“Why am I such a hot mess?”
“Why does this keep happening?”
“What decision do I make?”
“What do I do next?”
“When will I feel better?”
“Why can’t I just catch a break?”
“Do I have to cry all the time?”
“What’s wrong with me!?”

I do.

I want the answers.

I want the answers in flashing neon lights.

I ask for what I call “neon signs” regularly, because I need help navigating my life. Or rather, navigating my life in a way that brings my dreams and desires closer while still be true to ME.

So, I seek out help.

Help for the answers.

Or guidance.

I’m not too picky. 

I fully believe that there are so many facets of our minds, our bodies, and our experience in this lifetime. I believe there is no ONE way to travel a path. I believe we have many tools at our disposal to help us understand ourselves and our journey.

I’ve worked with intuits, psychics, hypnotherapists, energy workers, coaches, and therapists. All gave me some insight to my past traumas, generational contracts, and the needs of the little girl inside of me. All have been helpful in guiding me through my losses and transitions. All have helped me come to the decision to do this work and bring to life the Love YOU More Project.

This year, I decided to give Astrology a try. I’m open to ALL the tools! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Abigail Barella and Dianna Fontes. Both have helped me in a new way -- heightened clarity and specificity with stuff I couldn’t seem to put my finger on. You know, easy things like, "What's wrong with me?" and "Why can't I get over my BS!?" 

Most importantly, I began to uncover my true self.

Sure, I’ve been on the path. But, when you know who you are now is not who you want to be and yet, all you can remember is this person, knowing your star sign, your moon sign, and your rising sign can be the piece to the puzzle that sets the transformation in motion.

Astrology has done that for me. And now I want to share this pairing with you.

Dianna Fontes and I are collaborating and we want to start RIGHT NOW. So no fancy sales page, just a few words to describe what we are doing. This time is HOT for change and I’m damn excited!

Today, August 24th until Sept 6th, we will be offering LIMITED Star & Heart Sessions.

Star + heart Sessions.png

Forty five minute session with Dianna to look at and educate you on your star chart + 45 min with me to turn your new knowledge into action for change.

90 minutes for $97

If you’ve wondered why you feel the way you feel and would like to know how to navigate your confusion and frustrations so you can achieve a life you love and the desires you’ve put on hold, I truly believe this is what you are looking for.

Breaking old patterns of habit is what leads to getting what you want.

Have you done the same thing over and over again expecting different results? I think there is a quote about that…*wink*...something about the definition of insanity..

Change those fears, patterns, and negative voices within the realm of your own birth right.


If you are ready to Love YOU More and have a map charted with a tour guide by your side, this is for you.