Who rests anymore?

If we slow down; if we “rest;” if we miss even ONE thing, we will shrivel up and die a social death.

We will be worthless.

Just kidding.

That’s insane BS.

But, in all honesty, I know I’m not alone when I feel this way. While I’ve done tons of work on myself, it’s still hard when I have to slow down.

People make it sound so easy.

“Just think, you get to do nothing for weeks!”
“Think of all the House of Cards you can catch up on!”
“I wish I could take that kind of time off!”

And, they are right. It does sound kind of nice. But, in reality, it’s evil torture for someone like me. Don't get me wrong, I’m all for a day or two of rest. And I would LOVE to go on vacation. But, recovery from surgery, is not my idea of a good time.

The inability to do what I want to do, doesn’t compute as rest to my brain. Yet, it’s important. My body needs it, regardless of what my perfectionistic mind wants. It’s like telling a toddler to stay put. My mind throws a tantrum and ends up crying in the corner.

Rest, isn’t for weenies.

It takes strength to allow yourself to surrender.

It takes patience. (Lord knows I’m short on this)

It takes self-love and acceptance.

We need to let go of our high expectations and allow our body to speak.

Yes, it’s hard.
But here’s what I learned:

No one thinks less of you when you take care of yourself (and if they do, that’s not your problem).

No one will forget about you.

You will not die a social death.

You will not miss out on anything.

In fact, here are the unexpected perks of Loving YOU More and surrendering to rest:

You heal.

You feel refreshed.

You find new creativity.

You have time to read that book you’ve wanted.

You can indulge in House of Cards!

You get to know your body again.

You can focus on living in the moment and letting the mind just be.

And when you are ready to return to the real world, you may have a new perspective that changes everything.

Love YOU More