I had the honor to write for The Not Your Average Mother Project run by Ariana Bradford.

Ariana is a mom, works a 9-5 job, has a photography business, and has created this amazing tribute to "not your average" mothers.

I had a hard time turning in a writing piece for Ariana. It was one of those weeks where my words just wouldn't come together. I ended up writing three different pieces, none which felt good for this assignment. 

I took a little time to let ideas wander in my head about "parenting."  My inner little girl started to poke at me. She told me to share our relationship and how it has grown.

So I did.

Please take a moment to read this letter and share your thoughts in the comments:

An Open Letter to the Child We Forgot to Parent

I love doing work with other women trying to make an impact on the world. It takes a village to grow an "evolution" of women in our world today.

Visit Ariana's website: The Not Your Average Mother Project

Also, her Facebook Page: NYAM Project