Today's post features Professional Organizational Coach, Suzie Sandoval. She is one of the experts you have the pleasure of meeting during "Permission to Pamper."
You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.
— Buddha

In daily life, there is much to do and not enough time to do it. Between work, obligations and errands, you hardly have a moment for yourself. This is why it’s important you have a space that supports you when you need it most.

Perhaps you want a place you can quickly go to where you feel relaxed, nourished and recharged.

Perhaps life is feeling overwhelming and you feel knocked down or imbalanced and need a place you can quickly go where you feel loved, inspired and accepted for who you truly are.

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and over stimulated by the things you are experiencing in your life and need a quiet, tranquil place where you can just be and let go of stress and worries.

These are the kinds of sacred spaces you can create in your life to truly honor and love yourself. When you create sacred space for yourself, you become empowering, inspiring and influential.

What is a Sacred Space?

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself over and over again.
— Joseph Campbell
  • A sacred space can be a spiritual practice where you experience your true essence.

  • A sacred space is where you feel safe, comfortable, and are free of distractions

  • A sacred space is a special place to renew your connection with your inner self and spirit.

  • A sacred space is a place you go to nurture your unmet needs.

Grant Yourself Permission to Nurture Your Needs

  • Emotionally

  • Physically

  • Spiritually

  • Mentally

7 Ways to Create a Sacred Space

1. Define what you need from your sacred space.
Write down 3-7 compelling reasons why creating a sacred space is important to you. Loving yourself more is a commitment you are making with yourself. When you know the intrinsic reasons why you want to love yourself more, you’re naturally drawn to make it a priority in your life.

2. Create a distraction free zone.
Time spent in your sacred space is to be honored. Designate a place in your home to claim as sacred. It could be a room, a place in the room, your car, a place like a park. It’s one space you are going to claim as sacred as of today. If your sacred space is a shared space you can place a do not disturb sign on the door, turn off your cell phone and communicate your need for distraction free time with no interruptions. Most importantly, claim your sacred space for self love!

3. Get comfortable.
It is important you feel comfortable and safe in your Sacred Space. To feel more comfortable include a cozy blanket, a fluffy pillow and cushy chair to relax into.

4. Decorate with sentiment.
Gather your sentimental treasures that you love and are significant to you. This can include pictures, art, home décor, books, poetry, jewelry, and figurines.

5. Add elemental aspects.
Think of the 4 earth elements when bringing the spirit of Mother Nature into your sacred space. For example, for fire- use candles, water- a add fountain or blessed water, earth- use sand, stones or soil, and for wind: use a feather or fan.

6. Do what naturally makes you feel good.
Often times we can make time for ourselves, but when that time comes we easily replace it with something else. Knowing how you are going to benefit from spending time in your sacred space will help you make time for yourself in it. Common sacred space activities include: meditation, journaling, reading, breathing exercises, & yoga.

7. Block out non-negotiable time in your schedule.
This time is uninterrupted and distraction free. Many women don’t have a single place in their home for this, so I’d suggest going to a nearby park or sitting in your car. Most importantly, make yourself a priority by blocking time out for yourself. Begin a morning and/or evening self-care ritual that honors your needs and commit to this practice regularly.

When we help ourselves first, we become empowered, inspiring and influential. Self-care is one of the most important things you can do for yourself, but it is also the easiest to forget as we associate our identities with more immediate responsibilities.

It is in the quietest moments, we relax into calmness, and our hearts open to the miracles of self-love. This powerful truth serum of self-love restores our mind, body and spirit. One must be present to fully receive.
— Suzie Sandoval

What do you need most from your sacred space and how will you commit to making time for loving you more in it?

~Suzie Sandoval The Clutter Clairvoyant Professional Organizer & Soul Coach Creating Space For What Really Matters

Suzie Sandoval: Professional Organizational Coach

Suzie Sandoval: Professional Organizational Coach