I woke up one day and realized that I didn’t recognize myself.

The wardrobe of my life was no longer the right fit.

Artist: Buzz Siler

Artist: Buzz Siler

It was a harsh reality. 

I had done it to myself.

In order to feel loved and accepted, I decided to DO and BE what was expected. 

I was afraid to be the REAL me. To wear MY design.

The question is - WAS it expected? 

Or was it just an assumption that took hold? A new belief that squished and squashed me into this foreign pattern?

Expectation and Obligation.

It’s time to say goodbye. 

Living in that reality is cramping my style.

Let’s be OKAY with who we really are. 

Let’s shed the form that doesn’t fit.

Put on the dress of TRUTH.

And start to understand who we are and what we stand for again.

Oh, it feels soooo good.

And the wardrobe is amazing.

Lovely, you have permission to be The Priority.

We are here to show you the new collection — the 2016 line of YOU.

Love YOU More,

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