Discover your non-negotiables

You have goals.
You have dreams.
You have plans.
You’ve got a to-do list a mile long.
You’re excited to take action.

You’re overwhelmed.
You’re exhausted.

You sleep.
You cry.
You eat more chocolate than usual.
You contemplate quitting.
You cry some more.

You rest.
Refreshed, you begin again.
And so goes the cycle.


But what if you put in a buffer to this equation? Something that felt better than the “busy” and the “hot-mess?”

"Sure, okay...but It’s complicated."

Complicated only because you haven’t figured out why you’re so busy. The truth is, life is busy. However, it’s how you choose to use your time that can make or break you.

So, let’s see if we can create a reference point for your time. Yes, you’ve got things that need your attention. You have a job. You might have kids. You have obligations.

What if some of your time is spent on YOU, in a way that grounds you, soothes you, and fills a purpose that is very important to your soul.

I call these non-negotiables.

The things that light your fire, remind you of who you are, and bring you back to center.

Once you find your non-negotiables and create space for them, your “busy” will shift.

“Busy” and “hot-mess” will feel and look different.

It may even blend into something completely new.


Try it.

Discover your Non-Negotiables.


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