We all know stress is a part of our lives. And I’m sure we have our ways to deal with it:

  • denial
  • alcohol
  • ice cream
  • crying
    Or maybe that’s just me...

If you are mindful and zen, you might use these methods:

  • breathing
  • meditation
  • fasting
  • more meditation
    More power to you!

Those are all good and well, but I have my take on this. My REAL-LIFE take on what works for me.

Are you ready for it?

1. Bulletproof Coffee (google it). You’re welcome! 

2. Homemade chocolate (or really good dark chocolate if I’m too lazy to take the 5 minutes to make my own!)  

3. Sweating, and by that, I mean SEX (no link for this; move along)

4. Funny YouTube videos — because laughter is almost as good as an orgasm (and so is a really good sneeze). Cat videos are easy to find. Here’s one you might like - Cat Video

5. Call a friend -- word vomiting onto a solid friend will always help you work through some stress, and then you can talk about the great sex you had and send her the link to that hilarious video they must watch.

Okay, there you have it!

Now, tell me. What are YOUR 5 ways to reduce stress?

I’m open to having more tools in my toolbox!


You have permission to be the priority.

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