I'm sure I'm not the only one that has moments when life goes sideways for no apparent reason.

And it's never convenient. It's usually in conjunction with multiple other stressful events, or a crazy moon cycle, or a child meltdown (which equates to a mommy meltdown.)

When you are stuck in a pattern of events or emotions that bring you to a place of upheaval, it's hard to get out quickly. You need time to process the overwhelm that has clouded your view of what good can come out of the situation. Giving yourself time and space to wade through the muck is important, however, sitting down and making a picnic in your pain -- well, that doesn't do much good, unless you enjoy feeling like shit.

In order to break the cycle and start to move forward faster, you have to choose something that can shift your mindset around RIGHT NOW. So, I've taken a small list of some quick ways to move through the shitstorm that has arrived at your doorstep. Pick one that works best for you.


Yup. I can agree that this is a great go-to when you feel constricted by life with the strength of a python! It DOES settle ones nerves a bit. However, I wouldn't recommend making this your ONLY means of calming your fears. Maybe just a momentary pause. 

A Snotty Cry

Feel all the feels. Take it all in. Let the fear spiral begin. Get it all out. Sometimes you have to force this because crying feels "weak." So, watch your favorite tear jerker and then jump in the shower or bath and let it all go. That way you can cry in (relative) peace. 

Be Grateful

Okay, now that you've let every possible problem and feeling roll through your mind, flip it around and write and speak 10 things that you are grateful for. You can ALWAYS find something to be grateful for. Here are just a few examples: wine, the shower you just took, that no one had to see your snotty cry face, and that you could cry, because you are breathing (aka - alive!) It's a great reminder that no matter what's going on in your life, there is also light too.

Move YOUR Body

Rolling up in a ball and hiding under the covers feels AMAZING in the middle of a meltdown. Do that. THEN, get yourself up and MOVE. Changing your physiology will change your mindset. Don't worry, you don't have to go to the gym or start jogging (unless you want to!) All you have to do is stand up -- tall and proud (not slouchy and sad) -- and walk around your house with that posture. Try it. It can't hurt. *For better results, imagine you are wearing a crown and your royal subjects adore you!

Get Dressed

Get out of your yoga pants. Yes, I said it: GET OUT OF YOUR YOGA PANTS. Slide yourself into something a little nicer. Even it that's just jeans and a T-shirt. Okay, you can do leggings -- but make it an outfit that makes you feel like you didn't just roll out of bed. Maybe even brush your hair and put on mascara! Give yourself a mental lift and SMILE. Best to be done after you have moved your body -- you will start to feel better.

Give these 5 ways to shift your mindset a try. In fact, try them in the above order. Let me know how you feel. 

Love YOU More!

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