Standing at the edge of a fast flowing river knowing that just one more step forward and you will be drowning and suffering. Turn back, and you can relax and rest. Seems like an easy decision.

What’s the motivation?
Other people.
How you are seen in the world.
What you perceive as an expectation because you are a “good girl” and a “responsible girl.”

“Go ahead, dive in. You're a fighter. You’ll make it. You’ll show the world how much you can struggle and still win and survive. People will admire that about you.  You are not a quitter. Responsible people like you don’t quit.”

And that little girl inside, the one who really loves you, the one that doesn’t want you to betray her, needs you.

“Don’t drown. I need you to take us through life as a healthy, whole person. I need you to show me how beautiful life is so I can grow up and bit and begin to trust.”

Turn off the chatter in your mind and give your heart the microphone. If what you are doing doesn’t feel right, then listen to that feeling.

Explore the WHY.

Why doesn’t it feel right?
Does doing the work around this thing or idea exhaust you or excite you?
Is there something about it that makes your stomach upset or tight in your chest?
Does the thought of moving forward feel heavy or light in your body?
Is there a feeling of relief that arises when you consider letting this idea go?

If nothing else mattered, what would YOU choose?
To move forward? Or to retreat and find another path?

Quit when it benefits your body, mind, and soul.

Refuse to be caught in the current of expectation and obligation. Ask what is more loving to you and that precious girl inside. What does she really need?

Make your decision.
Say No.
Move on.

Love the alternative.
Say Yes to something better.
Start a new idea.
Move forward.

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