I never would have guessed that a simple post asking women what they REALLY want for Mother's Day would span almost 200 responses.

It's just goes to show how mothers value themselves.


That is what I'm talking about: Love YOU More.

Now, in hopes to be inclusive with this post (which is really meant to just be FUN), I want to say two things:

  • If you are not a mom, you probably know a mom and had a mom, so you might find this entertaining too.
  • I know there are moms out there that don't ask for, or expect, anything for Mother's day for a multitude of reasons. When I put the question out there, it was for women to DREAM. To put out there what they desired. I'm a single mom and my kiddos are young enough that they don't really remember holidays or birthdays, so I'm not in the boat of receiving much either, but it's still fun to see what other women come up with.

With that...here we go!

Moms have the most insan-o job on the planet. I'm not going to list of all that we do because, well, you don't need me to tell you what you already know.

The cool thing is, we KNOW how hard it is and we amaze ourselves daily that we can actually survive it. Barely.

What I do find, in my work with women, is the underlying worry that we don't deserve MORE out of life. 

Motherhood, a job, marriage (or not), home, car, clothes, and food -- we should be grateful for that.

Yes, I agree.


We also are allowed to want MORE.

I give you permission to think about your desires and act on them.

Oh, I know it sounds insane to some. I still get backlash for what I did to chase my dreams, but we cannot deny who we are and what we need to fill our love cup.

So, this week, I asked a simple question to allow women to dream a bit. To express what they probably don't say on a daily basis and may seem unattainable.

With Mother's Day coming up, tell me, what do you REALLY want?

To be the PRIORITY:

"Every year I ask for one day off from being The Reminder Boss (i.e., I don't want to have to be the one to remind everyone to brush their teeth or pick up their stuff or get the dirties in the hamper, and I don't want to be the orchestrator or Getting Out the Door, etc). I want to just be responsible for myself and get to be fun only with my kids for a day. Some years this goes off better than others, but when it doesn't float, I try to remind myself that it's because I'm so essential" - Sarah Longwell

"An entire day to myself. Yoga, shower, bike ride tea, pedicure. Then I want them to make me dinner. Finished with a foot rub till I fall asleep." - D. Signore

"An entire 24 hours alone. Where I can watch romantic comedy without rolling eyes or complaints about moms stupid movie, chocolate I don't have to share and I can wake up when I want to." - Jessica Brace

No obligations or expectations:

"A day that's already planned out or taken care of without me doing any of it. No getting people out the door, meals, etc." - M. Pelletier

"Honestly I want to not be asked for a single thing. Just let me veg out for the day." - E. Horvath

"I just want someone else to plan it. One day when I'm not the one who makes all the decisions." - Megan Flatt

"Yes! A day where someone else takes over. Yes please." - M. Wert


"Some damn alone time! Mama is WORN OUT." - B. Hollowell

"SLEEP. Then more sleep. Then no dishes." - Julia Sarver

And a few of my favorite answers:

"My mother's day present is already scheduled. I'm going to a beginner gun handling class. I'm super excited." -  J. Daciuk-Beckwith

"For Mother's Day, I'd like to be Dad. Lol. You know, get to play, relax, not stress, barely discipline, get my meals thought of, prepared & cooked for me, maybe help with the dishes....maybe." - J. Young

"Vodka?" - Samantha Parker

I loved these answers, but there were so many more!

Thank you to all the ladies who shared their thoughts on the topic.

Lovely, tell me, what do YOU really want for Mother's Day?
And if you aren't a mom, what would a day of celebrating YOU look like?
Let's share the stories and be courageous in asking for what we want.

Oh...and if you would like to share a little PSA I did on the topic:
Men!! I Need Your Attention, just click on the link and share away!!!

Celebrate YOU -- everyday.
 Happy Mother's Day.