Do you remember the day you woke up and wondered where your life went?

When you were dumbfounded about who you had become?

When you wondered, "Is my life going to continue this way?" and "Do I WANT it to continue this way?"

Where you look in the mirror and you’re not sure who is looking back at you?

I had that day more often than not over the years and I always wondered if this was part of the plan and if so...

What the hell!?

I know life isn’t easy, but seriously?

Waking up totally unsure of which way to go, what to do, and having anxiety about "How in the world am I going to raise these kids and take care of myself in the state I am in?" is paralyzing.

Utterly paralyzing.

Until we realize that we have a choice.

To move forward.
One step at at time.
One decision at a time.
One moment at a time.

So, what the hell happened?

Life happened.
Identities shifted.
Roles were created.
Expectation granted.
Obligation endured.

You don’t have to live there anymore.

Does it sound impossible? 

It did for me too.

Some days it still does.

But I remind myself of the decisions I made:

I refuse to live someone else’s dream.
I refuse to be less than who I am.
I refuse to pretend to be someone I’m not to please others.

I am Me

This is MY life.

I deserve to live it.


We aren’t defined by our past. 

In fact, once we look back there, we need to Let That Shit Go.

The past is not as relevant as we make it out to be…if we do the work to move FORWARD.

Take the step. 

I’ll hold your hand.

You deserve to be seen, heard, and loved just as you are.

Love YOU More. 

Do the work to move FORWARD. Take action, one step at a time.

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