There was a time when I would do anything to fit in. To be cool. To be LIKED.


Even if those cool kids really had nothing in common with me. They were just popular. And who doesn't want to be popular?

As we get older, we find our groove. We start to do what we love. Magically we find people who are just like us. And, *gasp*, they think we're pretty damn cool...even consider us popular!


Okay, let's be real. It's not always that simple.

In fact, for most of us, we may not even know who we are or what we love enough to find our crew.

For much of my adult life, I felt like I was always trying to make friends. DATING was easier than making friends! -- Of course, that goes back to doing "anything" to be liked -- ugh. 

In my effort to fit in as a entrepreneurial, divorced mom of two boys, I started networking. And I SUCKED at it.

These women were dreamers like me. Moms like me. Some even divorced like me. And it still felt like work.


Because I wasn't being ME.

I was still playing the role I thought would make me "dateable." The role that would make me good friend material.

I decided to try something new. I became a wall flower at a few events. I watched the women interact. I eavesdropped on conversations. I took mental notes on what was going on. 

These women were powerful. Motivating. Inspiring. Authentic. Kind.

I felt strength being around a group of women. A group of women being THEMSELVES. Telling their stories. Speaking their truth - the good, bad, and embarrassing.

At the next event, I slugged down a tequila for some liquid courage and, well, I just REALLY like tequila. And...I started engaging by being ME and talking about the Love YOU More Project. 

And my life has never been the same. (AKA - I have friends now!)

Pssst ---> I didn't even have to try real hard...YAY!


The moral of this story:

Women NEED other women. There is strength in numbers. There is MAGIC in a group of ladies on a journey. In fact, so many of us are on the same journey. We are discovering who we are in this season of life. We are uncovering who we want to become and how we want to live. 

We are learning from each other.

You are not alone.

We are all in this together.

Lovely, you are worth it.

Love YOU More.

There is strength in numbers.
There is MAGIC in a group of women.

Join us for Girl's Night. You have permission to have fun, grow, and be YOU. 

You are ready to Love YOU More.