Perfectionism is my nemesis.

And my friend.

Without perfectionism, I could get lazy and not do my very best with clients, on projects, or in relationships.

On the flip side, my perfectionistic tendencies cause me to FREEZE in my creative tracks, overthink every situation, and push myself too hard -- landing me in bed.

Perfectionism is an internal struggle between


The expectation based on my belief of what other people think.

The reality is people don't care and the only person holding me to such extreme standards is ME.

Yet, it's still something I wrestle with from time to time.

Last week I was under fire again. 

Perfectionism said, "You have a new program that needs to move forward NOW! I don't care that you're exhausted. We are all exhausted. I don't care that you have kids, so many OTHER entrepreneurs have kids and still pull it off!"

Reality came back, "You know your limits. You know your body. Do you really want to push this?"

I was afraid.

Perfectionism said, "You have other people in this program with you. What will they think? You don't want to let them down."

Reality calmly mentioned, "Why don't you just ask them?"

Huh. What a simple concept.

So I did. And what they told me was such a loving slap in the face:

"You inspire me to take better care of myself too and listen when I need to rest!"
"What a perfect way to give to yourself."
"No problem. Now get some rest."
"Welcome to being a business owner! I totally get it."

Duh. Love YOU More.

I'm living it, yet fighting it.

These women are awesome and I quickly remembered why we are coming together for this next program:

To help women understand that self-care is a necessity.

Love YOU More is not just words, but an evolution.

Obligation and expectation can take away what is best for YOU.

Thank you ladies, for teaching me my own lesson.

I'm so excited to heave these four women join with me in a 5-day video series.

We are going to upgrade your self-care in a fun, flirty, and sassy way.


February 29 - March 4th, we are going to share with you exciting ways to Love YOU More. We want to amplify your vibration and tickle your fancy. This isn't the same old boring self-care tips you read in the magazines. This is a way to make you SHINE and radiate this message: "I am a Priority."

Don't miss out on the chance to learn from:

These ladies know their stuff and are ready to raise the bar on your life!