We become inspired. We have an AHA moment.

We begin to SEE the neon signs.

And for a moment, we live in that feeling. We vow to make change. To take action.

We promise ourselves that we are finally going to listen.

We ride this dopamine wave for a day, or two, maybe in even a week, or a month.

And then...it stops. 

The air is out of the sails.

And we fall back to where we started or are stagnant in our progress.

Fly Through the Fog

You want to fly, but habit clips your wings. Why does this happen?

Because we have lost that FEELING. We forgot how aloft and alive we were in that moment and we aren't sure how to get it back.

Motivation shines brightly like a homing beacon. Without clear sight on a daily basis, the fog of life will roll in blinding our path and numbing our senses.

We choose the route we know. We choose those habits that feel safe. We want to fly above, but both feet on the ground is much more comfortable. How many times have you slid back...and settled? No more. We CAN reach our destination of expansion and growth AND keep the wind at our backs.

Lovely, you need a daily reminder. 

You need a manifesto.

What is a manifesto?

According to the dictionary, a manifesto is: a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives (as one issued by a government, sovereign, or organization)

According to me, a Love YOU More Manifesto is more than that: This is the stuff you live for. What you believe in.
What you stand for.
What is important to you.
Your non-negotiables, your goals and dreams, and the mantras you want to live by.
The words and pictures that inspire you on a daily basis to keep you in that space.

The best part is that it doesn't have to be anyone else's mantra or picture. It's YOU. All of YOU. YOUR path. YOUR dreams. YOUR representation of what you want out of this time, this space, and this life.

You get a full life to live, to enjoy, to thrive. You have the choice on how to do that or feel that. 

Giving yourself a manifesto can work as a quick "upload" of those motivating feelings that you were unable to tap into before. A daily dose of dopamine, excitement, and a kick in the pants to move forward. 

Put the loft back in your sails, and fly.

Are you ready to take flight? To feel alive again?
Create your manifesto.
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reference: www.dictionary.com